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Microwave-Assisted Construction of Nanostructured Poly(amide-imide)s Containing Environmentally Friendly Natural Amino Acids via Implementation of Molten Salt Ionic Liquid as an Activating Media


Within this research, microwave-assisted preparation of chiral nanostructured poly(amide-imide)s (PAI)s, from 5-(2-benzimidazole)-1,3-phenylenediamine (VIII) and various optically active and environmentally friendly diacids, such as N-trimellitylimido-S-valine (IVa), N-trimellitylimido-L-leucine (IVb), N-trimellitylimido-L-alanine (IVc) and N-trimellitylimido-L-isoleucine (IVd) via implementation of molten salt ionic liquid and triphenyl phosphite as an activating media, are demonstrated. The morphology study of the aforementioned polymers shows that these polymers are nanostructured particles and thus are good candidates as carriers for biomedical applications. The sonication of these polymer samples created smaller sizes of the polymer nanoparticles.


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