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Chiral Poly(amide-imide)/Carbon Nanotube Bionanocomposites Containing hydroxyl Pendant Gruops and L-Phenylalanine amino acid: Synthesis, Preparation of Thin Films, and Thermomechanical Behavior


Nanocomposites (NC)s of carboxyl functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes (f-MWCNTs) that reinforced poly(amide-imide) have been created via a simple solution casting technique. X-ray diffraction, FT-IR spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and field emission scanning electron microscopy were carried out to characterize the composites. The thermal stability of the NCs was improved due to the enhanced interfacial interaction and good dispersion between the polymer matrix and modified CNTs. The reinforcing effect of the content of MWCNTs on the mechanical properties of the NCs has been evaluated, and it is found that the tensile properties were increased with the increasing content of f-MWCNTs.


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