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Advances in synthetic optically active condensation


The study of optically active polymers is a very active research field, and these materials have exhibited a number

of interesting properties. Much of the attention in chiral polymers results from the potential of these materials for several

specialized utilizations that are chiral matrices for asymmetric synthesis, chiral stationary phases for the separation of

racemic mixtures, synthetic molecular receptors and chiral liquid crystals for ferroelectric and nonlinear optical applications.

Recently, highly efficient methodologies and catalysts have been developed to synthesize various kinds of optically

active compounds. Some of them can be applied to chiral polymer synthesis. In a few synthetic approaches for optically

active polymers, chiral monomer polymerization has essential advantages in applicability of monomer, apart from both

asymmetric polymerization of achiral or prochiral monomers and enantioselective polymerization of a racemic monomer

mixture. The following are the up to date successful approaches to the chiral synthetic polymers by condensation polymerization

reaction of chiral monomers.

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